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Gov. Haslam's Conservative Credentials Questioned

State of Tennessee
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam

NASHVILLE, Tenn (AP) — Two county chapters of the Tennessee GOP say Governor Haslam isn’t conservative enough and have passed resolutions calling on state party leaders to sanction him.

The groups condemned the Republican governor for hiring gay individuals and Democrats to serve in his administration..

Here in Middle Tennessee, the Williamson County Republican Party recently passed a resolution calling on the governor to reconsider his appointment of a Muslim-American lawyer to his economic development staff.

Bill Rayburn, Vice-Chair man of the Williamson County GOP, says his group is concerned with the Muslim attorney’s past association with what he refers to as “Sharia finance.”

“The underlying nature of Sharia finance and the designation of funds through that system to the ongoing policy of supporting things such as the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts, and other pro islamacized – for lack of a better term – approaches to governmental structure.”

State Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney is urging the state’s Republicans to stand together on what he refers to as core GOP principles.