Mid-state computer geeks do good deeds

Feb 12, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (ALEXIS MARSHALL)  --  Businesses employ many strategies to improve recruitment, bump productivity and create the right atmosphere.

One mid-state company found an outside-the-box solution that accomplishes all three.

Credit geekcause.org

JJ Rosen has developed a novel way to grow his Nashville-based IT company Atiba. His employees occassionaly work for free.

Atiba staff routinely volunteer their technical skills to help local non-profits. Rosen even has a motto for the approach: “half geek, half human.” Atiba HR rep Will Daly says that “Geek Cause,” Atiba’s nickname for its volunteer efforts, has evolved beyond the business and is now open to non-employees.

"The name Geek Cause kind of originated internally but now is more of just a movement to help coordinate nonprofits that have technical needs with technicians who are looking for somewhere to help or volunteer."

Rosen wrote in the Tennessean last year that Geek Cause has improved the company’s hiring, training and culture while also connecting it with the Nashville community. Team members use their expertise to help organizations with anything from email to search engine optimization.

Daly says he hopes the concept will continue to expand.

"I think we just hope that it keeps growing and we can get more people involved outside of Atiba and try to help organizations that way."

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