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Still more evidence of Middle Tennessee's exceptional growth


SPRING HILL, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  The City of Spring Hill just completed a special census and the tiny communty's growth rate is startling.

The federal government conducts a nationwide census every ten years, with the next population count scheduled for the year 2020.

But Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Ashland City, Smyrna, and LaVergne are all in the midst of conducting special head-counts hoping to pull down additional state and federal revenue.

Spring Hill says its new census shows the Southern Williamson County community is now home to 40,436 residents, a jump of nearly eleven percent in just two years.

The population rise means the city will receive an additional half-million-dollars a year in revenue, money Mayor Rick Graham says the city badly needs.

“The growth and the census county is a blessing and a curse for Spring Hill because we’re in such a mode of trying to catch up on infrastructure from our turbo growth from years ago.”

Prior to the Great Recession, Graham says Spring Hill was issuing 1500 building permits a year. He says the recession slowed the pace of expansion considerably and gave the city breathing room to catch up on infrastructure.   

Mayor Graham says city leaders are actually taking steps to slow expansion wtill further. He calls it “tapping the brakes.”

“We don’t want to stop the growth because that has consequences that we definitely don’t desire, and we don’t want to go back in to turbo growth. So, it’s an interesting predicament.”

Graham says Spring Hill is already struggling to fund the $200 million worth of road projects it already has underway.