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Tennessee officials again fail to release promised school-level COVID-19 infection data


State officials failed to launch a promised COVID-19 dashboard reporting school-level infections Tuesday.

Gov. Bill Lee promised in August to make the information available, then retracted the offer citing federal student privacy laws.

After an outcry from parents and lawmakers, Lee reversed course again saying he would ask for federal guidance.

This past Thursday Lee announced the school-level data would be published this week. But in a statement released Tuesday evening, the state Department of Education said it’s having technical problems with the online dashboard. It hopes to have the problem fixed later this month.

Below is the full press statement released by the Department of Educaiton Tuesday.


TDOE Statement on COVID-19 District Information Dashboard

The Tennessee Department of Education issued the statement below regarding its COVID-19 District Information Dashboard:

The anticipated launch of the Tennessee Department of Education dashboard tracking COVID-19 cases in schools has been delayed due to technical difficulties with processing data across a number of school districts. TDOE is working to rectify this technical issue with the intent to launch the COVID-19 case tracking dashboard before the end of the week. Full reporting across every district is expected by September 22 and we thank districts for their partnership in providing helpful data for educators, leaders and families.

For access to additional resources related to reopening schools, visit the Tennessee Department of Education’s Reopening webpage: https://www.tn.gov/education/health-and-safety/update-on-coronavirus/reopening-guidance.html.  

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