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EG Vines Drops Two New Singles Ahead of 2021 Full Length

Nate Brown
EG Vines

On EG Vines’ 2018 debut solo ep, Conversation and his 2019 full length, Family Business there were definitely messages about the state of our world, politics, racial injustice… and with these new releases ahead of his next full length, he’s tackling those subjects head on. EG Vines has a lot to say and he’s not holding back. Today in Liner Notes, we’ll talk about new songs, “Am I Dreaming” and “Them” – that song’s explosive video and the new album, Through the Mirror.

AnaLee: Including your song, “Them” in last weekend’s “Election Edition” of Local Brew Hour was a given. It’s politically charged, in your face, angry rock ‘n roll. The video is really something else. I don’t need to ask you where the inspiration came from, you make that pretty clear, but tell us about choosing to write the song from the perspective that you did, a little about the production – you play a sick guitar lead and there’s this awesome 70s sounding synth sound in there, and running through a neighborhood with a megaphone for the video.

EG: With “Them”, the lyrics, “Democrat, Republican, it’s written on my face again, this blue and red so black and white, it’s taken over everything” just spilled out of me as I was angrily hammering on a bar chord and I knew I had the full scope of the song right there. I had been thinking a lot about social media, biased news and our echo chambers and how they only divide us and make us miserable.  As for the production, we recorded with Dylan Alldredge and I used his Fender Mustang through a Supro amp and Ben Cunningham played that cool synth part you mentioned. We just cut it live with minimal overdubs. The music video was so fun to make. The videographer, Josh Lockhart, and I strolled through Manchester, TN yelling through a megaphone with my amp and guitar in a Radio Flyer and left the locals wondering who this madman – possibly famous person - was terrorizing their streets!


The second single has a much different sound than “Them”, I’m getting sort of a Beach Boys vibe musically. Lyrically you seem to be sharing what many have been wondering, just in the title of the track alone! Tell us about, “Am I Dreaming”.

EG: The more you hear of the record, I think you’ll discover the songs ae going to cover a lot of ground.  “Am I Dreaming” landed in this interesting space with as you said, Beach Boys like verses that morph a little more 90’s alt rock vibe in the pre chorus and chorus. Lyrically it talks about homelessness, consumer culture and the amazing human of a President we’ve had the last four years. One of my very conservative friends told me that the production and performances were top notch, but that he was “looking forward to a song without a message” Haha. Might not want to hold your breath on that.

AnaLee: I know there’s not a set release date yet, but we will have a new full length album from you, hopefully in the first half of 2021! Have you written all the songs for the new record? Now that we are post-election, I’m wondering if you think you might have more to say that you’d want to include on Through The Mirror?

EG: We have 10 songs ready to go and we are actually in the studio next week to record the last six. We’ve changed out one or two as I’ve written more across this year, but once we had a nice batch of 7-8 that worked well together, I knew we needed to book the studio and get to recording. Honestly, I try to just take everything in and write when inspiration hits instead of trying to say something specific. My opinion isn’t important but seeking truth and telling it as I see it will hopefully always be the goal. Who knows maybe the next record will be about lifted trucks and painted on jeans.

AnaLee: I think you have another song ready to go, can you tell us anything about that and when we might get to hear it? 

EG: We have “King of the Rat Race” ready, but it might be January or so before we release it. I think we’ll take some time to try and enjoy the holiday season and then we’ll hit 2021 head on with a bunch of material and hopefully some shows. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you on this and for all you do for up and coming artists. You are the best and we’ll be forever grateful for all you’ve done for us.  Cheers!

EG Vines, “Them”


EG Vines, “Am I Dreaming” 


Ana Lee is on middays at WMOT, and is also the host of The Local Brew Hour, which airs Sundays at 7am and Mondays at 7pm on 89.5 WMOT and wmot.org

Ana Lee is the host and producer of "The Local Brew," a weekly radio show plus a live showcase for Nashville based artists. She hosts mid-days on 89.5 WMOT Roots Radio, Nashville, is a voice over artist and curator of musical experiences for events.
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