Nashville issues citations for businesses ignoring pandemic restrictions

Jun 15, 2020


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Mike Osborne)  --  Nashville put some teeth in its pandemic Emergency Health Orders over the weekend.

Fourteen Metro businesses were issued citations by city health inspectors for coronavirus crisis orders non-compliance. A court will decide any fines.

Nashville Health Director Dr. Michael Caldwell personally investigated Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk Friday night. He determined the venue was allowing patrons to sit at the bar, failing to enforce social distancing or the required use of masks. Kid Rock has been an outspoken critic of Metro’s Health emergency measures. 

The Health Department has been threatening citations for weeks, but said it wanted to give businesses ample time to comply.

Here is the complete list of business issued citations over the weekend:

51st Deli

1314 51st AVE N

Order 4

Honky Tonk Central

329 Broadway

Order 6

Jonathan's Grille

717 3rd Ave N

Order 4

Jonathan's Grille

7653 Hwy 70 S

Order 6

Nashville Underground

105 Broadway

Order 6


3550 Murfreesboro PK

Order 4

Sam's Bar & Grill

2001 Lakeshore DR

Order 6

Scoreboard Bar & Grill

2408 Music Valley DR

Order 6


7679 Hwy 70 S

Order 4


5109 Harding PK

Order 4 and Order 6