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Tulsa’s Music Scene Hits The Road, Package Style, And Visits Music City


With important recording studios that date back to the 70s and historic venues going strong today, Tulsa, OK has one of the more dynamic roots music scenes in the country. Now, some of its outstanding musicians are on the road together in what they’re calling the Tulsa Revue, a package show that arrives in Nashville Saturday, Oct. 26 at the 5 Spot. 

Featured are songwriter John Fullbright, guitarist and recording artist Paul Benjamin and country traditionalist Jacob Tovar. Reached in Tulsa, Tovar described the flow of the shows he’d been part of thus far in Texas and Arkansas. “John (Fullbright) opened up every show saying how it came together organically, out of us being friends and loving what we were doing in Tulsa.”

Tovar went on to credit the original idea to Brian Horton, founder of Tulsa label Horton Records and an all-around champion of the scene. Tovar cited Horton as he told the story of the tour and how it grew out of the collaborative environment at the city’s favorite hometown venues: “Man I’m watching you guys get together and play the Colony and at the Mercury and all these spots here in Tulsa. He’s like, Wouldn’t it be great to get you guys together and let other cities hear this thing that I  - he - believes in so much.”

Tovar, who leans hard into classic honky tonk, has one album out and one in the works. John Fullbright, the best known of the three outside of his home state, has earned national media attention and a Grammy nomination in 2013 for his album From The Ground Up. Paul Benjamin, Tovar says, is a guitar player’s guitar player steeped in Tulsa traditions such as that of the late JJ Cale. “He can fit in with every style. Fantastic musician,” the singer said.

All three artists play sets before an all hands family jam. Jesse Aycock of the Hard Working Americans is billed as a special guest.


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