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The World Looks at the Politics of the Malaysian Jet Crash for 3-13-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

The search widens for the missing Malaysian jetliner.  There is the human toll of the tragedy -- 229 passengers and crew -- but there is also, as always, the politics.  Malaysian leaders now find themselves in the spotlight.  Today Marco speaks with journalist Kean Wong about the politics surrounding this mind-boggling disaster.

Also today, it's the gas pump, stupid.  We look back at four decades of US energy policy. Monday marks the 40th anniversary (!) of the end of the Arab Oil Embargo. So what happened to the big promises of change in America's energy economy? Jon Miller reports.

Plus, Marco chats with two remarkable paralympians:  Great Britain's Kelly Gallagher, a 28 year old visually impaired skier who won a gold in the Super-G, and her guide skier, Charlotte Evans.

Also, Molly Crabapple's portraits of the Syrian war dead.  In the past, the American graphic artist has covered the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the economic crisis in Greece. Now, Crabapple's done a series of portraits of Syrians who have died during the conflict. 

And finally, we round out the show with Israeli musician Dudu Tassa.  In a wild generational twist, Tassa's new album features rock versions of Arabic songs written by his grandfather -- one of Iraq's most famous musicians of the early 20th century