Della Mae


The track "Too Much," which falls in the middle of Courtney Harman's solo debut album Ready Reckoner, begins with Hartman's own footfalls from the middle of a much bigger journey. We hear her boots crunching on a gravel trail, one after the other, with a walking stick playing counter-rhythm, before the spare guitar and voice comes in. It's an audio postcard from the Camino De Santiago, a 500-mile trail across northern Spain comprising one of the most significant pilgrimage routes in the Western world. In the Spring of 2017, Hartman walked the walk.


Ryan Nolan

Grammy nominated string band Della Mae was busy in Nashville last week, performing at 3rd & Lindsley and cutting tracks for a new album. The sessions mark another step back to full-time status for the group, following a roughly two year hiatus.