Many of us these days are, by dint of distance, time or Covid, out of reach of our mama’s hugs. But a healing dose of the Mother energy the country at large needs so much right now can be felt on the lush and lovely album The Dream That Holds This Child by the Sweet Water Warblers. Three acclaimed singer/songwriters, two of them in Nashville, have parlayed Michigan home state connections and radiant voices into a side project that offers reassurance in a disorienting moment.

We’ve now been to the movie and we know how it ends. Two powerful women of country music, snubbed in recent years by the radio format their heroines helped build into America’s largest, showed the music industry – on that imperfect but necessary stage that is the Grammy Awards - that they are the voices and songwriters of now.  

Tyler Hughes


There are two meanings behind the title Shout and Shine, the debut album of the trio Fink, Marxer and Gleaves. The title track captures the spirit of the diversity and inclusion movement sweeping through bluegrass, as covered here last Fall. The other, expressed in the original "Moonshine" by Sam Gleaves, is literally about spirits. As a child and student of Appalachia, he knows whereof he sings.