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JUST ONE QUESTION: Chris Sanders, Tenn. Equality Project

WASHINGTON (AP) — Barak Obama and presidential challenger Mitt Romney are spending the day preparing for their first debate, scheduled for Wednesday night.

President Barack Obama is in Henderson, Nev., for a strategy run-through ahead of the debate in Denver.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is set to spend most of Tuesday in debate prep at a Denver hotel.

As the debate season gets underway, WMOT News is asking Tennesseans what one question they would ask the candidates if given the chance.

Chris Sanders is President of Tennessee Equality Project, and his question is…

“In Tennessee - and in many other southern states - you can be fired from you job for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. In fact, our State Legislature stripped Nashville of its protecting employees of metro vendors from this type of discrimination. What would you do to fight job discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people in the United States.”

If you’d like a chance to share your one question for the candidate with WMOT listeners, send it to news@wmot.org.

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