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Top 2018 legislative issues: Tenn. Firearms Association


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  With the Tennessee General Assembly now back in session, WMOT is exploring the legislative agendas of some of the state’s leading political voices.

This hour we talk with John Harris, President of the pro-gun Tennessee Firearms Association.

As it has in recent years, the Association will again push lawmakers to enact firearms right-to-carry legislation that would essentially allow gun owners to openly carry their weapons anywhere, anytime.

While Tennessee lawmakers aren’t likely to go quite that far, they undoubtedly will move to  further ease the state’s existing gun restrictions. John Harris suggests some ideas they might consider.

“A civilian who can legally possess a firearm should be able to carry it without paying significant fees to the state, or going through state mandated training programs.”

Harris says gun legislation passed by the General Assembly in recent years has been welcome, but also often flawed. He says his members would like to see legislators revisit some laws to make corrections and close loopholes.

Harris says the Association will also be gearing up to influence this year’s primary and general elections.

“Our information is, that perhaps as many as 25 percent to a third of the General Assembly may be retiring, and so we have to look at the future and see who’s coming onboard.

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